Sunday Night Fights

I was hoping to do a follow-up to last sunday’s post, which while it wasnt intended to be a projection forward into how the media narrative would play out over this week, its turned out to have got quite a few things right, particularly about the role of the ‘peaceful majority’, although the ‘NVDA’ actions of UKUncut have got some attention due to dishonest and excessive policing against them. What direction this will take in the mainstream discourse will largely depend on the poitical inclination of the news source and their willingness to question police narratives (though even the guardian had ’embedded’ reporters with the TSG, and one journo came short of wearing a helmet and flack jacket on the day).

In particular I wanted to compile a ‘black bloc reading list’ as its clear that debate isnt really taking place in any kind of meaningful field, but is largely being fought as a defence against poor interpretations of the bloc that dont go beyond the most basic of criticisms.  There also appears to be an effort by some on the left to refuse any engagement with anyone who might have been in the bloc in an effort to ostracise them and reduce numbers. If theres two things that an be said about the bloc its that 1) doing this wont stop a bloc happening 2) if anything it will make those who set out to smash shit up more determined. If the bloc actions aren’t working- and I don’t think they are- then its the responsibility of those who don’t think so to make the case. If the bloc actions are immoral, or ethically dubious, then we need a good case as to why. Not some pathetic conflation of morality and tactics.

NB: its equally not acceptable to contrast two actions- eg. evictions of the poor from their homes and smashing a window, in order to say which is violent and which is not. This might be the shadows of plato following me, but surely we need some kind of standard of violence to measure these against, albeit a subjective and fluid one?

However, I’m exhausted, so the reading list will appear later in the week. Moreover, blog post of the hour has to go to the Tiger-boobed Nomadic Utopianism. In the meantime enjoy this documentary by CrimeThinc about Seattle 99, its called ‘Breaking The Spell’

Alternately you can head over to twitter to see the left gouge its own eyes out like some crazed oedipus.

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