A minority of silence: farewell

This blog has been going for well over a year and a half. While it never really started with, or had, a specific intention, it kept going in fits and starts for most of its life cycle. Generally it was inspired or driven by anger, a desire to interject in a longer format on debates with comrades and friends, as well as pass critical comment or provide a resource (as in the case of the enormously popular Black Bloc reading list) for people curious about political thought and action. In practice it really came into its own as a response to the response (if that makes sense) to the actions and events of March 26th 2011. However that era of political action is no longer with us. As the recent march in London on 20th of October showed, political action needs to shift away from the spectacular politics that this blog covered, and towards a long-term power-game around the modes of production and everyday life, and while I kept saying this, I never did it. A number of texts have made the case far more eloquently than I. SolFed’s recent book, “Fighting for Ourselves”, and the project espoused by Plan C are examples, however there are many others (including the Dan Hancox book I reviewed in the most recent post) which renew this point.

In reality DSG called it a while back- blogging can be a self-marginalizing activity contrary to the aims of struggle. That does not mean that it should never be done, but rather that it should only be a means to an end, not an end in itself. The more I considered what SFTMC meant to me, the more it became that end in itself, another thing I had to ‘keep ticking over’, rather than a means to communicate with the ideas other people were having. I have other channels for that now- if you’re sharp eyed, you will spot them. For now, SFTMC, and its respective twitter account, are over. Thanks for reading.

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